If you are just starting out in hashtag-land, chances are you are feeling a tad overwhelmed. The # symbol is called a hashtag and it can actually be used across several social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and search engines.

Originally developed for twitter, you can use this sign in front of a term of phrase as a way to put your subject or category alongside others who are talking about that same topic. Or you are creating your own subject to follow.

Sometimes campaign launches and events use hashtags so that when you see that hashtag on a social media message and click it, you can see other, similar tweets .


  1. A hashtag puts a word, acronym or series of words together without spaces
  2. A hashtag  is a tool to reach new audiences, connect like-minded people, and facilitate streams of conversation
  3. A hashtag can be used on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube
  4. A hashtag a great way to jump into the thread of a conversation, and nurture connections
  5. Hashtags help find content related to specific topics, as well as the people talking about those topics
  6. Hashtags takes on a life of their own when others share it.
  7. Hashtags help present special offers, anchor campaigns, and help customers promote brands.
  8. Hashtags are valuable when used properly
  9. Hashtags are today a part of pop culture
  10. To create a hashtag that works, choose as short a phrase as possible and ensure that it’s closely related to your brand and industry
  11. Deciding which hashtags to use, or finding hashtags requires research
  12. You may like to check out http://www.hashtagig.com which provides the top 100 hashtags on twitter  and instagram
  13. Use hashtags with caution and consideration
  14. You cannot control or own a hashtag – don’t let it become a bashtag
  15. Clicking on the hashtag is a function of searching other conversations
  16. Hashtags help identify the frequency and reach of topics, discussions, and tapping into audience sentiment.
  17. Trending hashtags can change quite frequently on twitter
  18. Everything on the Internet is forever. Hashtags are no exception.
  19. If you set up a hashtag respond to everyone and everything when you are a newbie – this is a huge part of being engaged and growing connections.
  20. When someone retweets you, favourites you, reposts you, shares you etc as a result of connecting to your hashtag they are seeking a connection with you or your subject. This is valuable stuff if you want to grow business connections and opportunities.

I use hashtags for my professional positioning and connecting with other businesses on my field and location.

My everyday hashtag’s are:






hashtag button [2011-365-199]

hashtag button [2011-365-199] (Photo credit: eclecticlibrarian)

And depending on the theme of my message I may add other hashtags to compliment the content, timing, trends etc such as #taxtime #FIFAworldcup #christmas #mothersday etc

So go forth and hashtag with happiness …and enjoy where it takes you!

But before you do, what’s YOUR hashtag?

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