I’ve recently appeared in the pages of a book I didn’t write

Rather, it was a book written about me, and 51 fabulous other humans who have visions to make a difference in the lives of others

I’m pretty humbled by that.

These people truly make a difference.

Humbled can be an over-used word, but I really am.

There are some outstanding individuals in the 52 STORIES OF KINDNESS book who have changed peoples lives.

Transformed futures.

Inspired others. 


My little pay-it-forward act was simply to create a regional gathering space and vibe for writer’s in my community, the Peninsula Writers Club. We turned it into a not for profit and now inspire connections for fellow writers and aspiring writers. But I;’ve learn that planting these sorts of seeds matter, and that this community of writer’s I’ve nurtured were waiting for this to come along and to feel their dreams and connections.


The launch of this book has inspired me to keep progressing that vision for emerging and established writer’s.

Writing matters. Expression and creativity bring connections. Storytelling builds communities.

What a way to feel validated, to recognise local scribes and supportive vibes and reflect on how community values our efforts. The book helped me reflect on my ‘why’ for creating Peninsula writers’ Club and recognise the impacts. 

Biggest congrats too to my writing mate Monique Cain of The Everyday Autism Series who also featured in the book. I told you I was in top company! Her story of resilience and persistence is incredibly inspiring as she raises her autistic children and shares what she learns with others, most especially compassion through her books. 

Heartfelt congratulations to the books author and editor, Karina Pamamull whose blog the 52 Week Love Project inspired the book.

Karina’s thoughtful vision was created to honour her dad and pay kindness forward. That’s pretty inspiring too.

I really recommend this read – there are some incredibly focussed and impactful folks featured in it. 

Order your copy of the book here. Click this link to check it all out. 


Here’s to inspiring others to write and be written about. 




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