When you are hanging out in Jabiru – all roads lead to one spiritual moment – a sunset at Ubirr.

Jabiru is a great base for a good few hours spent at the Bowali Visitor Centre with a library affording us some quiet reading time, and stylish interpretation filling in the blanks for all we have not been able to explain to the Squids. Today’s road also leads to Cahills Crossing towards Oenpelli, where we do a quick croc count, and the beautiful sunset at Ubirr Rocks.


Ubirr is the other of Kakadu’s most famous rock art galleries. It also offers front row seats to the day’s end.


We stroll through the 1km circular walking track and let the Squids got to town spotting spirits and patterns which are now becoming more familiar to them.


We head up the moderately steep 250 metre climb up to a rocky outlook with views across the floodplains.

THIS is the Ubirr Experience.


A Kakadu sunset throws its last rays out over Arnhem land. It’s a respectfully, quiet crowd up here. We’ve been watching something magical.

Ubirr - sunset Chris & Andrea

Tomorrow we say “Bo-Bo” (in Bininj / Mungguy language) to Kakadu and head up the track to civilisation.

Check back in later, I’m way out yonder and there’s not enough juice to upload photos! Or pop over to our Instagram page and see what we’re up to.

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