Let’s refresh your case study interviews

I’ve done so many case study interviews that I conduct them in my sleep. (Truly!)

Despite my copywriting sleep patterns, case studies are superb way to share insights.

What’s a case study and why do you need it?

Case studies take a deeper, wholistic look at the challenge your client’s face and how your product or service solves / assists it. Ideally, they share measurable results and tangible outcomes. They also capture succinct quotes to enhance your trust-building content.

Planning for effective case studies means you need to make time for identifying who you are speaking to and communication with them; interviews, research and writing, draft copy and design elements, thematic or profile case study publication and promotions, what platform you are writing them for, SEO content and pull-out testimonials for social media.


That’s a lot to plan for.

 But if you’re conducting research for your own client case studies, here’s some questions worth taking on board.


Case study questions

What was like before support?

What were you struggling with?

What were you worried about?

What change were you wanting to make?

How did you find out / approach / be referred to ?

How did they behave, present themselves, at the start, at points during the involvement with them, and by the end?

How did support encourage you?

What were you doing, what applications, practical steps and programs helped? Can you describe or explain it using an example?

What did you like most about the resources / systems?

How did you adapt / respond?

In what ways did change happen and how was it shown for you?

Were there setbacks along the way, and how were those overcome?

How does the impact make you feel?

Adapt your questions to suit the conversations.

Read the room and respect your interviewee.

You’re on track for a trustworthy and enlightening case study that illustrates why your charity or not for profit matter and is worth supporting.

And remember that copywriters like me, can help you develop case study plans, set up discreet and enjoyable chats and write case study copy that makes an impact.



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