After compelling copy that inspires action, advocacy or change? In need of copy that shares the stories of the people you help, the difference you make and your volunteers, staff, community and partners? Pressed for time to develop strategic messaging and impactful stories? I’ll work with your organisation or impact-driven business to craft copy that aligns with your values, reflects your point of difference and speaks to your audience.

I write thoughtful, authentic copy to help educate, inform and encourage change and action.  Writing copy for good causes means that I’m as motivated and fulfilled by the organisations I work with, as the copy I create. I write with laser-focus for larger organisations, agencies and small businesses too.


Blogs position your organisation or business as an authority, and your cause and expertise as one to value. Your content is highly shareable across social media channels and enables you to further spread your news and values. 

How I help:-

blog content brainstorming

content and links research

interviews and guest blog writing

SEO website writing


I understand and recognise the unique nuances in not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises. I develop authentic supporter and fundraiser copy to keep supporters, and donors reading.  I create engaging words approaches that help tell your story and connect with your supporters, donors, followers and customers.

How I help:-


Auto responders




Sponsorship proposals

Fundraising collateral

Video scripts

Grants and tenders

EDMs and emails

Digital content

Annual reports


Newsletters give you the chance to have a conversation with your customers and supporters. When newsletters are written well, they generate leads, secure support and nurture relationships. Let me help you continue your conversation with your supporters, customers and new leads.

How I help:

Editorial themes

Interviews and research

Editing and proofreading

Content planning

Copywriting with defined objectives for each article

Story curation

Compelling headlines

Tone of voice development

Powerful calls to action


Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, You Tube or Twitter – content is king. But some content is more like the dishwater the scullery maid threw over the cobblestones. Good content on the right platform can bring great results, build community and conversations. I collaborate with you to create meaningful, ethical and engaging copy that will encourage your followers to like, comment, share and hang around for more.

How I help:

Content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Post length variations

Linked In posts for thoughtful content

Click to tweet posts for blogs

We Chat content (translation services excluded)

You Tube scripts


I develop and write engaging website copy that makes an impact, shares your stories and inspires actions. I bring focussed ideas, time and creative website writing skills. I’m a copywriter who truly cares about your website endgame and while writing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copy that speaks to humans and Google.

How I help:-

Keyword research

Editing existing content

Content for various content management systems

Tone of voice strategy and guidelines

Meta descriptions for each page

SEO copy that reflects your brand

Alt tags text for images

Landing pages

Professional proofreading


With a degree in Media, an early career in radio journalism and a background in media management for government and Minister liaison, I know a thing or two about writing to gain the media’s attention. I have a 100% success rate with my media releases and pitches, and I’m a master at crafting copy for busy journalists and editors to take notice of.

How I help:

Media releases

Issue media responses

Media pitches

Full media briefing packs

FAQ’s and Information sheets


Email copy and EDM’s are highly personal and effective. They can build reputation and drive change. However, they can also be terrorised by the Delete button and be doomed to never be read. I write copy that offers a positive and powerful reader experience that compels actions.

How I help:-

Introduction, notification and transaction emails reflecting your brand’s voice

Clear calls to action

Content and navigation structure

Attention grabbing subject lines

Clear messages with hooks


We still love to hold words in our hands. Who said print copy is dead? I’m still writing copy with meaningful messages to grab readers attention and take action. 

How I help:

Well written copy that tells a brand’s story

Information, data or evidence

Value propositions

Commanding calls to action

Attention grabbing headlines

Creative, engaging content

Social proofing with testimonials


Visitor, heritage or environmental interpretation and messages help to tell a story about a site’s attraction or background and its context in the world around it. I develop copy for exhibitions, in-situ signage, educational resources, events and destinations to help visitors gain greater appreciation of, and connection with their experience. 

How I help:-


In-situ signs and boards

Environmental narratives

Living history documents

Self-guided media

Educational documents

Tour themes and scripts

Trail signs

Thematic storylines

Audio scripts

Welcome signs

People in time case studies

Video scripts


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