Coronatude is a mindset

COVID has impacted the world and inspired reflections and actions that show the goodness of folks.

During Stage 4 lockdown restriction across Victoria, we’ve witnessed the resilience, connectivity and inspiration of many.

I know so many Victorian’s who have adapted and contributed in inspiring ways.

So why not share their stories?

This Q and A series shares how others have navigated 2020’s impacts and changes, and the attitude and ideas that have sustained their business and wellbeing.  

If we’ve learnt anything from these times, it’s that a generous spirit and determined attitude in COVD times can have lasting positive impacts. These are Victorian’s worth meeting and supporting!

 Welcome to the Coronatude Chats!


Meet Kristie Evans

Tell me about your business or community Kristie?

I’d like to think it more as a Community page rather than a business. It’s through the platform of Instagram that Connecting Good People has sprung.

Inclusive of all the backyard rockstars on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Connecting Good People offers a hub of connection through conversation and kindness.

In a world that is increasingly disconnected, Connecting Good People is a force for good seeking to keep people connected.


How did the Coronavirus impact your community?

Connecting Good People wouldn’t have come to fruition were it not for COVID. As an experienced teacher seeking only Emergency relief work this year, my income source was lost though my need for mental stimulation had only strengthened.

I’m a keen learner who wishes to keep on growing through all the people I meet and the experiences I have, so connecting with new people and facilitating this for others gave me great purpose in 2020.


How did coronavirus impact your own life?

It was a time of contemplation and reset. My husband is the main income earner at this time and much of his work went on hold. We were in such a state of pause.

Remote learning with my two boys became a source of focus and opportunity to see just how they learned. I underestimated how easy I thought this would be, for as a teacher I thought we would be kicking goals every day.

In truth, my boys just wanted their Mum mumming, not as their teacher.

For an overthinker, this year allowed my husband and I to choose our choices with greater intention and deeply consider what we wanted our lives to look like. We have made some clear choices and can’t wait to see those manifest into the life we choose to live.


How did your community evolve during COVID times? (What did you offer, how did you adapt, who did you call on to help?)

Connecting Good People is in a constant state of evolution. As a passion project, it allows me the freedom to trial and error so many things and see how they are received by the community.

I feel such a sense of duty or the ever-growing Connecting Good People community to create a safe and uplifting space where they are feeling seen, heard, enriched and supported by their local network.

The next goal is to make connections in real life. To facilitate inexpensive, simple interactions. Keep a lookout for “CGP and a cup of tea” coming soon.


What do your customers and community tell you they appreciate about your service right now?

Such a great question! I often want to post on Instagram the question, “Have you seen my inbox?”.

I get such joy seeing small businesses appreciate the sharing of their talent through stories or small chats, quotes or the longer one on one Backyard Rockstar conversations.

To lift and empower the profile of others is an incredibly fulfilling endeavour.


What has been the hardest thing for you to overcome?

The fear of looking like a wanker. It’s a space that is ego-free, positive and celebratory of backyard talent. I do a little shoutout video often where it feels like an extended selfie moment.

I watch it back knowing my intentions are good and that I’m not swanning about to look fabulous.

The intention with these videos (particularly during restricted movement lockdown) was for those people isolated to actually see a friendly face and “feel” in conversation in spite of not being face to face with others.


Who has inspired or motivated you to keep going during the pandemic?

My husband has been my biggest supporter. He knows it’s ticking all the boxes of what I need to feel a sense of purpose.

He would possibly be a bit more excited if I were bringing in an income, but there are no influencer aspirations here and I feel in monetising it, that it would muddy the waters of what the mission of Connecting Good People.


Can you share something you’ve learnt about yourself or others during these times that you’d like to continue to explore or offer?

Ooh I love this question. I’ve remembered how much I love to chat and go deep.

I love to learn about how others live and how differently they do life to me. I love to listen and absorb the goodness of what others offer.

I think as a society, we have been so caught up in our busyness and own lives that we forget the power of a conscious conversation; one where you really feel heard and you can let your story be shared.


How can folk connect with you?

Thanks for sharing your story Kristie. You’re a backyard community rockstar yourself, keeping us all connected during COVID times!

Keep that Coronatude going strong out there. 

If you know a regional Victorian story worth sharing, I’d love to hear from you.



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