We’ve just ticked a major to-do task off the list. We met the teachers who would become our support crew for the next 6 months.

We took a break from the packing and took a city trip into the rather colourful Distance School of Education for Victoria based out of Thornbury.

It was a chance to meet my school sanity savers, and for the kids a chance to connect with their new teachers.

6 year old Squid 1 was keen to see if her remote teacher was a different colour skin and if they spoke with accents.

9 year old Squid 2 was concerned they’d set him up with a new Mathletics and Reading Eggs passwords and all his hard work would be for nothing!




Kids queries aside, we had a great little meeting with our new teachers Christine and Mary and an insight into how to find the best fit for us as a nomadic family keeping up with today’s classroom milestones.

Equipped with unique student bar codes and 2 terms worth of school work to post back fortnightly, we are good to go!




The visit to the Distance Ed Vic headquarters gave us a taster into how things worked their end from weekly phone-ins, and parents supervisory packs and kids worksheets, to a sneak peek at the dispatch room and learning about other families on the road.

While our current local primary school, which we adore to the back paddock and back, has been extremely supportive and enthusiastic about our trip …we felt the Distance School of Education option provided us with structure and milestones, while allowing for the Squids interests and discoveries along the way to shine through.




Meanwhile back at the ranch,  I just drew straws with the Skipper for curriculum supervisory tasks.


I bags grade 1 English and he’s got the grade 4 maths gig. I’m laughing all the way to the outback dunny!

And for peace of mind the organised teaching staff at Distance School of Education have got our backs!

I’m guessing Australia Post and I are going to get  pretty cosy this year as we post back school work regularly. (If only those stamps hadn’t gone up to 70cents…we may have to take out a small loan!)




I’m sure hoping I’ll handle the pressure as a school-teacher mum! If not I can I always pop the Squids in the envelope as well!



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