Pop the kettle on, make yourself a cuppa and catch up with the Coast Writer.

I’m a creative copywriter, content crafter and strategic freelance communicator who loves to share!


My business is words…how to make them effective and how to best connect them with others …and my passion is the coast which is kind of apt as I’m based beach-side on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

So. . . welcome to my blog island. . . where I share my passion for great copywriting and word nerdiness, navigational charts for the social media novice,  and fresh-from-the-surf celebrations of coastal living and community.

Here’s a few need to know facts about me and how I roll when it comes to blogs. . .

  1. Blog should ALWAYS be read with a strong well-brewed cuppa in hand
  2. I like to bookmark my fav’s and head back to them later once the tea has steeped
  3. I am quite partial to a well crafted, hit the bulls-eye quote
  4. I like to leave a blog having learnt something, or having a hmmmm moment
  5. A good blog post is worth sharing, or at least leaving a yoo-hoo on

Lee Narraway image_Andrea Rowe__Australia 2014_023_1

So, here’s cheers to me sharing those pearlers with you!


Guess I’ll tick one off the list today. I always get a thrill-chill when I find a good quote, and this just about captures my celebration of good copy and the coast.


“Somewhere in ocean, perhaps a thousand miles and more from this beach, the pulse beat of earth liberates a vibration, an ocean wave…Countless vibrations precede it, countless vibrations follow after”

– Henry Beston, “The Outermost House”.

Thanks for your cuppa time.


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