Story sharing with young voices of the Peninsula 

I’m so thrilled to have received a Mornington Peninsula Shire Creative Community Grant to deliver Front Beach, Back Beach: Shoreline Stories in 2022.

This will be an exciting youth focussed program supporting young people of the Peninsula, articulating their connections to our coastline and sense of place.

Thanks to the Creative community assessment panel for valuing this initiative to be delivered at Jackie Jones creative studios.

In 2022 I will be connecting with local schools and libraries to invite young people along to this interactive, innovative as we capture and curate stories of growing up and gathering on our Mornington Peninsula beaches.

 The event is a funky studio space that welcomes young people to explore something truly unique, and facilitators are creative folks who want to help make youth who write, create and express themselves at home and valued.

This will be a free, catered event open to youth of the Mornington Peninsula (numbers limited)

 This collaboration will be shared through vignette stories in collaboration with MP Shire.  

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more. 


I can’t wait to collaborate with local youth exploring their voice and contributing their unique stories to our community




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