Take a car-load of mountain bikes, hiking gear, munchies and a sense of adventure – throw it all in the car with a few excited squids and parents keen for a break – then point your car to the high country and you have one happy tribe.

We are off to the Adventure Kids Festival at Mt Baw Baw.


Held on Sat 26th and Sunday 27th March 2016, the Adventure Kids Festival really is a breath of fresh high country air for kids and parents.

We’re back to the festival for a third year we’ve loved it so much. The kid-related outdoor activities in a natural but safe setting have been a calendar highlight,  giving families like us some valuable time together (and apart) enjoying some energetic sporting and natural events in the beautiful high country.

As regular snow visitors to Mt Baw Baw, we’ve also enjoyed swapping ski’s for slack lines as we’ve explored the mountain during fine autumn weather.

Mt Baw Baw is a beautiful family-friendly mountain to visit for the day, or stay on-mountain overnight.

We’ve joined a lodge in recent years to make the most of living just 3 hrs door-to-door from our home on the coast to our alpine get-away. And exploring a mountain when the snow has melted is just as fun.

The Adventure Kids Festival is all about kids trying out new activities in an inspiring alpine setting.  The Festival events have been specifically designed for the younger generation, in reassuring locations throughout the trails while challenging those who are a little more up to it. There’s walks, runs, climbs, obstacle courses, bike rides and plenty more ‘wild’ play planned for kids of all ages.


There’s something about altitude kick-starting a can-do attitude.

I blogged for Little Melbourne a few years ago on just how much of a natural high we ALL got from this festival. We came home with news skills, new passions and some super-charged memories. For my oldest squid he discovered a passion for running, and mountain biking and our youngest loved the nature craft.

The Skipper snuck off for some sneaky solo mountain biking. Me, I couldn’t believe I’d reached that parenting stage where I was waving kids off with their little festival programs, and enjoying a quiet stroll back to the lodge balcony for a contemplative cuppa. We all had a ball.


In recent years the Adventure Fest has proven such a hit that it’s spread its wings and landed on the mountain tops of Lake Mountain, Mt Hotham and Falls Creek as well.

Here’s the skinny on the mini-adventures at Mt Baw Baw:-

Saturday 26th March
10am – 11am Mountain biking clinic
11am – 12:30pm Mountain bike ride
12:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch break
1:30pm – 3pm Bushcraft activity
3pm – 4pm Bush walk


Sunday 27th March
10am – 10:30am Trail running clinic
10:30am – 11:30am Trail run
11:30am – 12:30pm Slack lining
12:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch break
1:30pm – 3pm Geocaching & Orienteering
3pm – 4pm Obstacle Course


Ticket prices tickets start at $125 per child for 2 days of insanely awesome fun, or $220 for a family ticket with 2 – 3 children. When you consider how much is costs to take the kids to a 2 hour movie these days, it’s worth every cent to get them out trying new things in the great outdoors.


We’re taking a few families this year to enjoy the fun with us, because if it’s good for OUR tribe then we just have to share.

This is not a sponsored post in anyway, my tribe just get a pure natural high from the Adventure Kids Festival at Mt Baw Baw. 


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