Sightings of my book in the wild


There’s something awfully thrilling about being sent ‘shelfies’ of your book across the land.

I’m having such fun playing Spotto with Jetty Jumping.

It’s quite the competitive sport!

From the editor of Crinkling News (and fellow author of Kid Reporter) Saffron Howden sending me snaps in Sydney’s Glee Books, to author Claire Saxby spying me in Little Book Room … I’m loving it all.

There’s been I Spy’s in Target and Kmart, Cooees echoing through the National Portrait Gallery Curatoreum, exclamations in Younger Sun and I see You’s in all my favourite Independent bookstores that I grew up reading on the floors of. (Looking at you Hill of Content and Mary Martin!)

I’ve been Instagrammed, Facebooked, tagged and texted. There have been pictures, reviews and messages that bring silly grins.

Jetty Jumping has been read on boats on the Gippsland Lakes, and in far-flung country town school rooms in South Australia.

I’ve even been made into Strawberry Jam!



I love learning where Jetty Jumping is journeying to next!




Thanks all for sharing such super sightings!

Jetty Jumping is now in reprint and due to land in bookstores across the and again soon!

Grins and jetty spins, 



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