Kununura is the gateway to the East Kimberley. It was established as a town only in the 1960’s to serve the Ord River Irrigation Scheme. Today its population has notched up to 5,000 to support the agriculture, mining and tourism industries that have grown up around it.

Kununurra rose to prominence in recent years are the host town for Baz Luhrman’s “Australia”. I was hoping to see some reference to the movie but we cruised into the town on a WA Public Holiday. That hope, along with my plan to visit the aboriginal gallery and Mango Café were thwarted.

It was a chance to replenish the confiscated fruit and veg, which I’m sure must make it a popular shopping destination for many.

We lingered long enough to picnic in the community park and wander the many plaques telling us who had planted various trees in recent years. Ernie Dingo and John Farnham planted rather robust baby boabs and Peter Brock a paperbark. Someone needs to give the the Gov General Quentin Bryce’s stringy-bark a good soaking though – it has seen better days.

Sorry Kununurra, you gave me a Long Weekend Holiday for my visit, so I can’t give you much more!

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