Melbourne to Sydney in one run….quick overnight stop…then hightailing it straight up to the NSW Coast to the sleepy surf town of Scotts Head. We are no stranger to this no-shoes, no shirt hamlet…it’s an annual winter pilgrimage destination for us, and other peninsula mates.

This time however, it’s a chance to catch our breath, re-adjust the packing, contemplate the route ahead and undertake some last minute 4WD maintenance.

The Scotts Head Caravan Park  invites us to throw the shoes off at the start of the bush track and wander down to the beach with a cuppa in hand or a board under our arm. ScottsHead5

Alas, we’d hauled the board all the way this year to the most inactive surf conditions we’d seen at Scotts Head. We promptly sent it packing back to Victoria with returning friends, in an effort to lighten our roof-rack load. The Squids fortunately were happy enough to enjoy circuit laps of the caravan park on rusty scooters which we imagine will also be sent packing along the way, albeit to a small town op shop or skip! ScottsHead3

It’s still a little cool in the camper at nights, but the coastal winter sun warms our bodies as we warm to the idea of 6 months of adventuring ahead. ScottsHead4

Scott’s Head allows us a moment to all catch our breath!

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