There’s no fanfare, tickertape parade or marching girls as we drive out of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula on the start of our adventures. Instead there’s howling winds, hail and bitter cold as we wrestle the last of our furniture into storage and send victorious text messages to friends! 


Our zig-zagging across parts of the continent has commenced……less of a lap of the map, and more of a join-the-dots through Victoria, New South wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia.


Two exhausted adults, two over-enthusiastic kids and an 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser hauling a Viking off-road Camper Trailer, inflatable canoe, camping gear, rescue recovery gear, and enough beach and bush toys as well as distance education material to last us 6 months.

Along the way we will be sharing a few experiences with the inspiring kids travel app BoundRound. Or rather the Squids will. We have embarked on a travel partnership with this innovative kids app which is free to download.


BoundRound harnesses the enthusiasm of kids talking to kids…sharing travel tips and destinations throughout Australia and some international destinations. While it is still amassing footage of many Aussie destinations, we’ve put our hands up to record video footage along the way of the Squids top experiences. BoundRound5


Our 9yo Squid will be the presenter as the app caters more to his age bracket. We’ve taken the experience on as an to nurture his presentation skills and harness his evolving fascination with digital technology. TwoKidsandaCamperdepart TwoKidsandaCamper

We’ll be posting updates once the BoundRound stories are live…here’s one of our first at the Daisy Hill Koala Centre and also a glimpse into some of our fun at Fraser Island.

And along the way, you can also check out the Coastwriter Instagram account for images of our trip.

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