Peninsula on-line health food distributor, Bulk Whole Foods has been recognized for its green industry commitment and contribution at a national award ceremony in Sydney last month.

The annual GreenLifestyle awards recognised more than 50 leading companies and personalities in the green industry, celebrating entrepreneurship and green living amongst Australian businesses.

Local Bittern Company Bulk Whole Foods was Highly Commended in the Green Lifestyle Small Business category for contributing to a more sustainable Australia and encouraging consumers to make conscious decisions about the things they buy and how to incorporate them into our lives.

It’s a philosophy that defines Bulk Whole Foods which offers affordable organic non-perishable food through its on-line sales service which distributes Australia-wide.

The businesses approach to personal responses to orders and same day dispatch service is highly regarded by customers, and afforded it a thumbs up though the Readers Choice Awards process.


Passionate about healthy food and a healthy planet, Bibi Lafleur and her husband have grown the business in just 12 months into a green practise company which now employs three people.

Creating a business on the Peninsula was a very personal decision for me.It’s where I’ve chosen to raise my children, and it’s a community I am delighted to be a part of.

And it appears creating a business was equally as personal for Ms Lafleur.

“I’d always been passionate about sourcing healthier products not widely available on supermarket shelves. And having three children under 11 meant I was looking for practical ways to stretch our wallet while feeding us well,’ she said.


“Having a background in on-line retail for a major exporter, I was very familiar with on-line business management. It was a leap of faith to plunge from the corporate world managing on-line wine sales to working for myself. I’m now sourcing and selling on-line products like pulses, grains, oils and organic flours…and helping people integrate  good quality food into their lives on a daily basis really motivates me” said Ms Lafleur.

This is more than grocery shopping, it’s about being responsible for what we consume, and how it affects the planet

From coconut oils, cacao powder, and dried fruits to organic grains to biodynamic flours Bulk Whole Foods set about providing food that has been grown in an earth-friendly and people-friendly way. Buying bulk wholefoods offers a chance for consumers to stock up on their pantry basics and staples, and support their family’s healthy eating direction while making some great savings.  And along the way we are all taking care of the environment as well.

WEB Bulk Whole Foods logo

Bulk While Foods also practices what it preaches, donating a sum of its earnings to Australian Conservation Foundation and micro-loan Foundation KIVA. And to reduce its impact on the environment, it employs a sustainable approach to its packaging re-using supplier’s materials, and even its website has a CO2 Neutral Certification.

Given her on-line sale success it’s no surprise that the Lafleur family is extending their vision to meet the rising demand of home kitchens, opening a 7 day a week shop front in Somerville recently.

Our shop has been born from the desire to celebrate local organic produce as well as supply diary free products, raw milk the freshest fruit and vegetables and locally produced specialties.

Bulk Whole Foods has a facebook advice and information page, and customers can also order stock from their on-line store

Not bad for a small growing business from Bittern!

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