Zine workshops for teens and women back in 2023   

PenZine is back for 2023!

Thanks to Mornington Peninsula Shire for their Creative Economy Grant support.

I’ll be hosting Zine Making workshops for young people & a rather special women’s creative connection hangout as well.

Zine-making is such a healing and happy way to express all the things! And it’s a great way to bring us together over conversation and creating too.

Last year’s Teen Zine program was a big hit, so many young people who attended felt they’d found a creative outlet that was right for them, and a new tribe of people too.

I received a lot of feedback from women in our community wanting to explore zine making as well to express themselves.

I know that for many women, holding on and keeping things going over the last few years for family and businesses has been a priority. It’s my hope that by widening the circle of zine making I can help hard-working women explore healing ways of self-expression and creative outlets for wellbeing, as well as new connections in our community.

Watch this space for more details in 2023, and thanks to Mornington Peninsula Shire for supporting this initiative once again.

Happy Zine-ing!




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