Taglines, advertising scripts and billboard copy 



Komatsu provides high quality products and services that makes them highly trusted in the earthmoving industry. The organisation was looking to evolve new product offerings for ‘backyard weekend warriors and DIYers. They were looking for fresh new copy to pitch them against any competitors and speak directly to their target market. 

I worked closely with G-Media Group to evolve copy and develop creatives in copy reflecting specific tones and and audience pain points. This was also the first time the business used for digital roadside signage for positioning, as well as rear bus advertising and they were keen to bring a fresh copy voice to their marketing tactics. 

Part of the copywriting brief was to revisit cheekier tones and suggest new bloke speak to cut through their more traditional calls to action. 



  • Copy for 8 products / campaigns over 12 months
  • Creative concepts for taglines and rationale paper 
  • Professionally written copywriting for billboards, print advertisement, radio scripts, fliers, EDM and social media assets  
  • Copy modalities to add to Branding Guidelines and market segmentation 
  • Sydney billboards and 20 second radio ad’s were developed and broadcast
  • Sydney bus billboards were produced
  • Google ads copy and website banner pop ups copy was produced  
  • Copy and script prompts for fill and call functions at their call centre 



“Thanks so much Andrea for giving us so many detailed copy options, with rationale for each of the creatives.

Thank you for all of your work on this – it was great to work together to provide so many creative options.”

– Amanda Michael, Creative Director, G-Media Group



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