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The stories we tell, and the way we tell them make a difference. If you’re looking for content and copywriting services, or a communications strategist to work with your nfpo or visionary business, then I’m your wordsmith.

I create engaging words and identify tactical approaches that help tell your story and connect with your customers.

Helping not for profit organisations and businesses make an impact and build advocacy.

Committed to connecting people and purpose through copywriting, content and communications strategies.

I’ve worked with numerous of international not-for-profit organisations in helping them press buttons for action, achieve fundraising success and make a difference to the health and happiness of people and the planet.


I specialise in copywriting and communications for

not-for-profit organisations, social enterprises and community campaigns

government agencies

tourism and environmental services

small businesses and start-ups

You’ll benefit from my experience in website and newsletter copywriting, media management, Ministerial communications, speech writing, radio production, journalism, issues communications and campaign messaging.




Refine your organisation or business communications and make a difference. I identify your direction, chart your pathway, articulate your voice, map content, develop smart, shareable content, nurture connections, engage customers and inspire action. 


You want your words to work. I get that you want to share relevant, worthy content that reflects your values and talks directly to your target market. Copywriting is how you tell your story. I write easy to read and engaging copy for newsletters, websites and blogs for not for profits and businesses.


I'm a soon-to-be published children’s author with Little Hare / Hardie-Grant-Egmont. My passion is writing children’s books, YA and short stories in a uniquely Australian voice for families to enjoy reading. As the Chief Scribe for silly and nostalgic stories, I write to delight and help kids think


Who are you?

I’m Andrea Rowe, an SEO copywriter and communications strategist with 25 + years experience. I’m based in regional Victoria, in Australia and work with clients around the world.

I’ve worked with large government departments, evolving and established not for profits and community campaigns, grass roots organisations and businesses that people love connecting with.

I started out in radio, made my mark in issues and media management, and helped find the voice of many through writing copy.

If you’d like to know more, you can read all about me here

Will your copywriting get me to the front page of Google or make my organisation the one everybody’s talking about.

I’m no snake oil saleswoman. I don’t offer any guarantees on your customer conversion or website traffic. There are so many factors that contribute to successful marketing and communications – from the graphic design and distribution, marketing activities, response to customers, price points and if they got a grumpy receptionist on the phone. But I do commit to providing you with engaging, optimised words and creative tactical approaches to help your communications shine.

Do I own the copyright on what you write for me?

It absolutely is, once you’ve approved your final copy and paid your final invoice.

I’m a stickler for the rules and until that final invoice is paid the copy can’t be used. Copy, content and communication strategies developed by me become your property after full payment.

Will you subcontract my project to someone else?

All the words you read and own will be written by me. 100%. No offshore writers, no copy we need to re-arrange or translate.

However it might be a little different for calling in experienced colleagues for communications strategies.

While I’m a solo player I occasionally work with trusted local subcontractors to help me develop tactical approaches or undertake research or tactical analysis. In this instance, I let you know upfront, reassure you that I wear a big quality control hat and that final submissions reflect your project scope.

Can you write pro-bono for my organisation ?

I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to committing to causes, but I also need to pay my bills. That’s why I annually commit to 1 – 2 not for profit or community organisations a year to do my bit.

You can check out who I’m committed to this year over on my About page and I’m happy to chat about your project for when I do have an opening.

Do you run workshops or training on copywriting and communications?

I’ve developed and hosted numerous webinars workshops and bespoke training sessions for copywriting, digital content, tone of voice development and media and issues spokesperson skills development. If I can’t help you, I’m associated with some incredible captains of industry who offer online workshops and courses. I’d be happy to tell you about them.

How long will my copywriting take?

People always ask a copywriter ‘how long does it take?’ Really, it depends on your project scope. 

I know it’s helpful to have an idea of considerations when you’re involving other contractors and staff though. 

As a general rule here’s a rough guide for research, writing and turn around:-

Web Copy: 2 days Homepage page of approx 300 – 400 words and 1 – 2 days for sub-pages

Blogs: 1 day per post approx 350 words

Newsletters: 2 – 4 days for a 4 page A4 newsletter

Standard Press Release: ½ day

Journal Articles: 2 -3 days

Tip Sheets: 2 -3 days

Productions descriptions – 2 -3 days

Brochures & Fliers: 2 -3 days

Content Calendar Creation: 1 – 2 weeks

Social Media Profiles: 1 day

Press Ad Copy: 1 -2 days

Communications Strategies: 2 – 3 weeks

Grants, tenders and positioning documents – 1 week

Websites: 2 -3 weeks

Annual reports – 4 – 6 weeks

But of course the sooner you book me in, the sooner I can get researching and writing.

What is a copywriter?

Copywriting is someone who writes the words that inspire people to take action. Copywriters write copy for online work like websites, blogs, emails, campaigns, auto responders, EDMs, ads and listings, product descriptions and newsletters.

Offline copywriters write for things like print publications and newsletters, annual reports, print ads, direct mail, magazines, brochures, catalogues and so much more.

Then there’s broadcast copywriting for things like video and radio scripts, TV ads and program scripts.

Copywriters often work with a network of skilled professionals like graphic designers, web hosting businesses and advertising and branding agencies.

What's the difference between copywriter and copyright?

You’d be surprised how much I get asked this.

Copyright refers to the legal recognition in the authorship or creation of a piece of work. The power in copyright is dependant though on your ability to prove ownership if it’s ever contested.

Copywrite on the other hand refers to the task of writing. Copywriting is the act of developing and producing text that is created and crafted for a specific purpose –  encourages sales, inspires change, motivates advocacy.

And if you’re wondering, yes copywriting is copyrighted when I write for you.

How long will it take to write my copy?

I’m afraid I can’t answer that just yet. I’m better able to give you an estimated timeframe once I’ve assessed your brief. That involves filling in a Briefing Form  and a chat on the phone or Skype.

What if I change my project after I have paid my deposit?

I can accommodate that for you. If that happens, I respectfully request the right to re-quote based on any new project requirements. If additional tasks are required after work has commenced, I will provide a separate quote for those outputs, and we can happily discuss this as the need arises.

Do you also write for small businesses or special events?

Sure I do. I’ve worked with several small business from milk bars, wineries, tradies, real estate agencies, artists, theatre companies, film festivals, tea companies, magicians, whole food producers and lifestyle products.

As much as I love working with not for profits and social enterprises, working for business and events is just as fulfilling to write for. Don’t be shy, get in touch!

Do you also write visitor interpretation signage?

Absolutely. I continue to offer narrative, thematic and visitor interpretation copywriting for national parks and outdoor experience and destinations. If you’ve ever stood in the rainforest at Tarra Bulga NP, stepped into the bushrangers lair at Harry Powers Lookout or marvelled at the vista on the Great Alpine Road, that’s all my work.

From storytelling signage with Sand Sculpting Australia to winery trail markers, I’ve written them all.

What's the deal with the SEO stuff I keep reading about?

Some people get a little blinded by science when they hear the term SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation and essentially it’s the copy and content on the web that Google, or other search engines define as being relevant or a key authority to a subject matter.

You might have Googled ‘not for profit copywriter’ or ‘communications strategist on the Mornington peninsula’ and found me through your keywords research.

That’s SEO juice at work, and it’s combined into a delicious Google smoothie thanks to content that makes each and every page relevant.

SEO copywriting has traditionally been about optimising web page copy by targeting keyword phrases in certain frequencies and densities. And yet search engine research shows that how a web page is ranked in a search engine can be based on things that happen off the page itself.

SEO content becomes so compelling that other people want to promote it by linking to it or sharing it, which increases your trust and authority event more and helps your pages rank well. It’s an appealing combination of copy that speaks to real live people who read it AND the algorithm formulas of the internet.

There’s more to it then that, but a copywriter never tells all their secrets.

How much does it cost to hire a copywriter or a communications strategist?

Sorry to be the fly in the sandwich, but you won’t find set prices here.

However if you get in touch  I’ll share my project brief to work to giving you a comprehensive one-off project quote or retainer proposal.

What I can tell you is that my no-fuss copywriting and communications won’t send your bank account backwards. I usually work to a project rate, and at my cracking pace you’ll find it’s an affordable and results driven approach.

My rates reflect 25 years in copywriting, my degree and postgraduate qualifications in communications and contemporary training in digital content and SEO copywriting.

So you won’t find me offering bargain basement prices. My rates are aligned with the industry averages of an experienced mid-range copywriter. 

I can happily supply you with my packages and rates, a ballpark figure, or a specific quote for your project after we complete your initial briefing

Can you write me a sample?

That’s a no from me. I’ve got a swag of case studies and client samples however that I’m more than happy to share.

Can you come into our office and meet with us?

I work from my regional office for organisations across Australia. The phone and online conferencing platforms have worked very well for our collaborations. I have a pretty detailed briefing / consultation process that really helps me drill down to your needs.

However, if you need me to be somewhere, I can factor that into my quote.

I'm a beginner copywriter, can you give me some tips?

As a copywriter I can help you unpack opportunities, connections and directions that may be feeling a little jumbled. My 1 hr Hot Topic Copywriting Coaching Session or 3 hr Copywriter Strategy Session (over 3 check-in slots) on the phone or Skype may give you some clarity.

Think of it as a nurturing coffee with a muffin tray of strategy, ideas, challenging conversations and helpful chunky crumbs for you to act for your copywriting journey.

If that’s not what you’re after I can heartily recommend The Clever Copywriting Community, The Hot Copy Podcast or Copywriter Matters Copywriting Masterclass

Someone told me you also MC at events?

Ah yes, the whispers are true. I started out on a microphone in radio and have since MCd and facilitated events, launches, workshops, fundraisers, community gatherings, festivals and awards ceremonies. I am “event house trained” and come with running sheets and key talking point processes. 


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