A shiny new shortlist sticker …

Illustrator Hannah Sommerville and I have several things in common, but this one makes me smile – we’ve always been drawn to books displaying the shiny CBCA stickers. And now we have our own! 
Thanks to the CBCA for shortlisting Jetty Jumping as Book of the Year!
The annual Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards affirm the quality of some of Australia’s most creative people and provide a boost to their capacity to devote time to their craft.
JETTY JUMPING was released in 2021 by publisher Hardie Grant and has been reprinted 7 times in 14 months.
It’s a picture book that captures the challenges of childhood – and the joy of letting go – in a homage to summer. While Milla’s friends take big, brave jumps off the jetty, Milla stays on the blistering wood, scared of what lurks below. But when Milla accidentally falls off the edge, she discovers the beauty of the deep, dark sea – and her summer changes forever.

You can watch the full Video Announcement here. 

Here’s what the judges had to say

In shortlisting JETTY JUMPING, the CBCA judges declared it: 

So many schools I visited last year online for Children’s Book Council of Australia Book Week have also sent good wishes like this lovely one from Thomas Acres Primary School:

“A beautifully written and highly relatable book about overcoming fears. Time and place have been carefully created to depict an Australian beach town in summer.

The language is rich and descriptive, using apt vocabulary and alliteration. The eye-catching, swirling text depicts movement to mirror themes of water and the action it describes.

Mood is gently constructed. The joy of the jumping girls contrasts with Milla’s trepidation as she sits apart, afraid to participate in their fun yet wanting to join them.

A lovely twist of plot adds momentum and motivation to the main character’s actions, who overcomes her fears to finally enter the water.”

What a splash JETTY JUMPING has made. 

Congratulations to all the 2022 Shortlisted creators and thank you once again to the CBCA judges for your consideration. 




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