Communications strategies

If you need a not for profit campaign plan or a communications strategy for your organisation, you’re in the right place. I help you expand your communications with considered analysis, credible recommendations and clear actions.

You might be up against deadlines, in need of experienced insight or planning to make changes. Perhaps you need a team re-fresher for your online and traditional print communications, or innovative PR and partnership activities. Maybe you’ve been wondering how your communications stacks up against the competition. 

I take the time to work collaboratively with your team to understand your issues and the opportunities for your communications.

I pride myself in out-caring my competition by having meaningful conversations with your team and diligently focussing on recommendations for improvement and actions with focus. 

My attentive information extraction process doesn’t hurt a bit, is thoroughly comprehensive and all documents are professionally presented.  I also work with a number of trusted and skilled subcontractors who are specialists in their field.


define your objectives

assess your communications platforms and tools

recognise your challenges

analyse your key messages and offerings

clarify your target markets

recommend tactics and strategies

identify your partners and stakeholders

introduce measurables

help you present or position your strategy to your committee or executive team

If you need a reliable communications strategist who can help you connect your communication dots, I’m ready to help you.


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