A swell time at Sorrento Writers Festival

When book worlds comes to your patch of the coastline. A whole lot of fun is had. So many incredible authors unpacking country crime, kids books, memoir and writing journey’s, hijacked histories, short stories, poetry, writing from the senses of wine and flowers, witty words and indigenous language.

The Sorrento Writers Festival delivered quite the event.

I hung out with the marvellous Megan Heiss, joyful Jess Racklyeft illustrator extraordinaire, and listened in on a super reading from the cradle to the grave session with Sally Rippin, Jane Godwin and Megan Heiss today during Sorrento Writers Festival.

I hosted a super Why I write fictioon author panel

I also had an I am dead. On the floor. Never to get up again moment.

Thomas Keneally, our national literary treasure and Booker Prize winner just told me he bought Jetty Jumping as a secret book fairy act to leave at the door of an anxious little reader he knows.
He thinks it’s a marvellous book, and feels he must buy Sunday Skating next. He clasped my writing hand. The very author who I grew up infusing into my book soul as a young reader.
My special book fairy! Thanks for giving me this moment at Sorrento Writers Festival.

Much, much thanks to the merry band of volunteers, and the sponsors of this first ever festival of stories for Mansfield. You were all so filled with the heart of community connection, and genuinely joyful about books and the folks who write them. We authors can’t thank you enough.






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