It’s World Book Day.

The day we all pause to pay homage to the pages through which we escape, and find ourselves.

Like so many I am most myself with a book in hand. I am most sure of my soul as I stroll past bookshelves.


There is no greater joy than to pause and roll a word luxuriously along your tongue, to read aloud a phrase or sentence that catches your breath.

WorldBookDay HannieRayson

To swap a book, with another who adores the written word is an act of gentle kindness.

To take a book to bed is to abandon yourself to passion at the days end.

To crack the spine on a new novel is an adventure to unfold.


Here’s to books, and all they give to us.

If you’d like to check out my record of books I’m  reading, you can follow along on my Facebook page here.

Read anything super yourself lately that’s worth sharing?


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