This is my kindergarten book reading grin

I adored reading to the Tootgarook PreSchool kids.
What a way to mark WORLD BOOK DAY this week.
After I’d finished sharing Jetty Jumping, a gorgeous boy in the front row who’d followed every word with wide, wondrous eyes, said breathlessly “Dat was a good tory!”.
His 4-year-old peers applauded enthusiastically and the children took turns sharing their favourite jetty jumps.
We discussed that people who write books are called authors, and people who draw pictures are alligators.
That may not be completely accurate, but it rhymes with illustrator and is an awfully big word, so when you’re 4 you’re excused for the mix-up.
We chatted about the shapes we can see on jetties and other things you can do on a pier like fishing and boat tying-up.
We looked up pictures of jetties on the big screen TV and talked about what lives underneath jetties too.


Hanging with my new best jetty friends was perfect book reading company! 




Thanks Mrs V and and Tootgarook Kindergarten crew!

My diary is starting to fill up for school and library talks and reads for the year. I have packages featuring activities for teachers and librarians to add to your programs, so feel free to get in touch.  

Grins and jetty spins,



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