Between the lines – writing from a bookstore window 

“Hey! Come sit with me and share your story, I’ll whip it up into a microfiction tale. I’m the WRITER IN THE WINDOW at Antipodes Bookshop & Gallery during Drift Arts Festival
There are so many super stories to unearth in Sorrento.”
And so began a special story experiment in my favourite local bookstore. 
I watched the world go by, listened to conversations and researched history.
Locals wandered in to generously share a glimpse into their lives or a need-to-know fact about the history of our patch of coast.
Holiday makers and shop keepers shared snippets of themselves. Strangers pulled up chairs and spilled out stories. Authors wandered by and compared in-the-writing-trenches wisdoms.
Keepers of the tiniest slivers of history whispered them quietly. I eavesdropped chatting shoppers. I waved at children. I met readers of all ages who clutched books breathlessly. I kept a watch on dogs waiting for owners at the door. I said good morning and goodbye to searchers and seekers and browsers of the best book for them.
I was served a morning chai from the cafe up the road, and took lunch time saunters down the street.
I wandered down paths of history and humanity. I took breaks and laughed. I sat amongst the words of the greatest writers I’ve ever read.
I listened, lurked and learnt a lot.
I wrote the tales of people who took the time to share.
All 20 stories that I’ll gift back to our community.
Much gratitude to all who inspired me this week, and to Jane and her bookish tribe who graciously allowed me to sit amongst them at a desk with a view into stories.
The words flowed.






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