How to find the right words of love to fire cupid’s bow

I’m not a big wrap for Valentine’s Day. The Skipper though once was, as he proposed to me on February 14th and promptly retired from all romantic gestures after said event.

Valentine’s Day however does press the love button for millions of smoochy, star-crossed lovers who find themselves staring numbly at a blank card, desperately waiting for the right words to express their affections.

No matter how clever the pre-printed wording on your cardboard declaration is, your love-bunny probably still wants a few scribbles from your own pen.

Look, if Hallmark really wanted to offer their customers a value added service they’d employ copywriters at the end of each aisle, conducting in client briefs and delivering up very personal messages to Snookums and the Boss Lady. (Hand me that application form, I’m the word-nerd for the job!)  Alas, this recruitment drive has not yet come to pass.


However I can happily report that I’ve had a hand in editing several marriage proposals, vows and speeches over the years…and even one shockingly corny Love Book I collaborated on with my best mate to her fella back in our halcyon days in a bed-sit in Notting Hill. They are still together years later, though the exercise book of poignant prose may have suffered a terrible fate after a brief break-up period.

It seems everyone is in on the act of writing love letters, and they don’t always need to use Valentine’s Day as the catalyst.

The Daily Mail recently reported that singer Keith Urban likes a love-letter challenge. In fact lucky Nicole Kidman gets a love letter a night while one of them is away (me? I’d settle for a Skype session while Keith folds the laundry and locates missing socks – but each to their own.)

Look I reckon Keith would write a pretty good love-letter, he composes songs for a living and has girls adorned in tattooed declarations throw thorny flowers at him on stage. His well crafted letters of love may well be out of your league.


So, I’d like to help you out this Valentine’s Day –  I’m feeling the love (or perhaps the panic). Here’s my own copywriter sealed-with-a-kiss approved wording recommendations to aim at your sweetheart.

Loved-up phrases to use in your card, or if you have a large sky-writing budget:

  • I am yours to adore, and you are mine
  • You are my one and only
  • Our love keeps us growing towards each other instead of apart
  • One life, one love, spent together
  • I treasure you
  • Your are the tick to my tock
  • I am forever yours
  • Hanging with you keeps me hanging in there
  • I love who we are together
  • How lucky I am that we are together
  • You are my soul mate
  • Our love creates so much

And . . . the very original . . .

  • You make me a better person
  • You complete me

. . . Just try not to say the two latter phrases in a creepy voice!

And for some more seriously loved up words check out this loved-up site.


Loved up quotes to use as you propose on a microphone in a large public space:-

“The minute I heard my first love story

I started looking for you, not knowing

How blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.

They’re in each other all along”

by RUMI (a pin-up poet for all lovers, everywhere)


Loved-up lyrics to use if you are feeling brave, and can hold a tune:

  • At first I was afraid I was petrified, Kept thinkin’ I could never live without you by my side.
  • C’mon baby light my fire, C’mon baby light my fire
  • I burn for you, what am I going to do, buuuuuuuuuurn for you!

Loved –up quotes that may get you some action:-

“Wild Nights – Wild Nights!

Were I with thee

Wild Nights should be

Our Luxury”

by Emily Dickinson (and everyone said she was a sinisterly- prude!)


So glad I could help shape your declarations.

Please send cheques and rejected marriage proposal shiny rocks to my beach shack.

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